SocNet98 is a living and active network that establishes common activities to reflect about different issues around social work, but also to develop and lead common projects in the field of social work studies.

International University Weeks (IUWs)

The IUWs are the main task of SocNet98. Every year in April, three or four International University Weeks for Social Work with about 50-100 particpants each are hosted by network partners. During these weeks, students and lecturers from all partner universities are coming together for an international academic and cultural exchange week. The conference program is built on the input of attending lecturers, students and guests. The conference topics are suggested by the hosting universities. Find out more about the IUWs here or in the years of the IUW section.

Coordinators’ meetings

Each year, in October, one member of SocNet98 is hosting the coordinators’ meeting to provide a place to meet, discuss and develop the activities of the network and to make decissions on all its activities.

The coordinators meetings provide a forum for the discussion, planning and decision making for all activities of SocNet98.

International teaching activities

Some members of SocNet98 are offering international seminars and workshops in English language and open them up for incoming students. An overview about these courses can be found here.

Publication of books: SocNet98 edited volumes

Around the SocNet 98 International University Weeks, so far three book volumes have been published:

– Spatscheck, C., Ashencaen Crabtree, S. and Parker, J. (eds.) (2018): Methods and Methodologies of Social Work – Reflecting Professional Interventions. SocNet98 Vol. III. London: Whiting & Birch.

– Ashencaen Crabtree, S. (ed.) (2015): Diversity and the Processes of Marginalisation and Otherness: Giving Voice to Hidden Themes. SocNet98 Vol. II. London: Whiting & Birch.

– Gomez Jimenez, M. L. and Parker, J. (eds.) (2014): Active Ageing? Perspectives from Europe on a much vaunted topic. SocNet98 Vol. I. London: Whiting & Birch.

The SocNet98 Volumes are published in the Whiting Birch Series Critical Studies in Socio-Cultural Diversity.

European Master in Social Work

The European Master in Social Work study program is organised by some members of the SocNet98 network and other partners. This program brings students and lecturers to different universities of the SocNet 98s network and focuses on interculturality in the field of social work. To learn more about this master please refer to documents below or visit:

Common master in social work for SocNet 98

European Master in Social Work

european master

European Master in Social Work- description









Click on this picture to see the flyer (updated in April 2015):NETHERLANDS- Flyer EMSW April 2015-picture


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