IUWs 2014

In 2014 the International Universities Weeks took place in:

Austria: University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, School of Applied Health and Social Sciences:

IUW 2014 Programmheft_Endversion 12

Upper Austria-program-IUW for SocNet 98

Microsoft Word - call students 11.11.13

Upper Austria-Students call-IUW for SocNet 98











The Netherlands: Hanze University of Applied Siences Groningen:

13_0231 Programme international week Groningen 2014.indd

Hanze Netherlands-program-IUW for SocNet 98-full version

Pays-Bas Leaflet Exchange week 2014v1 aperçu-1

Hanze Netherlands-program-IUW for SocNet-short version











Belgium: University College Leuven, School of Social Work:

2014 info and registration for field visits IUW Leuven (1)-1

Leuven Belgium-IUW-Info and registration for field visits

2014 IUW info about workshops-1

Leuven Belgium-IUW-Info about workshops

2014 program IUW Leuven-1

Leuven Belgium-program-IUW for SocNet 98

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