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Bournemouth University

The School of Health & Social Care:
The mission of the School of Health and Social Care is to help to make peoples’ lives better through excellence in education, practice development and research. All of our work aims to touch people’s lives, directly or indirectly. This includes:

– Preparing our students to have the theoretical knowledge, skills and compassion to support individuals in challenging life situations.
– Offering opportunities for continued learning beyond graduation/ registration to ensure practice is well informed, up to date and of the highest quality.
– Engaging in practice development work that leads to improved service delivery.
– Conducting and publishing high–quality research in areas of health and social sciences that provides insights, understanding and sound evidence to increase knowledge and enhance practice.

Our undergraduate courses are approved by professional bodies, feature placements/fieldwork opportunities, and are geared to ensuring our graduates are well-equipped for their chosen careers.
Bournemouth University has two existing Social Work Programmes: The BA (Hons) Social Work Programme (three years full-time) & the MA Social Work Programme (two years full-time). All the teaching is carried out in English. Both programmes are a mixture of social work theory and practice.
More information at: http://home.bournemouth.ac.uk/.

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