Hochschule Bremen, City University of Applied Sciences, School of Social Work

The School of Social Work in Bremen exists since 1918. Currently, we offer two B.A. programs for social work (regular and dual) for about 450 students, and, beginning with spring term 2019, M.A. program “Practice Research and Innovation in Social Work”. We follow the approach of an applied science in teaching, research, project development and further education for social workers. In all these activities, we integrate both the traditions of social work and social pedagogy. To establish an international perspective on social work, we include several international elements in our school, some of which are the annual SocNet 98 International University Weeks, special bilateral exchange programs with partner universities, international social work modules, and we support our students to choose their internships and special study stays abroad. Our School of Social Work is a member of SocNet98 – European Network of Universities/Schools of Social Work , ERIS – European Research Institute for Social Work, and the EASSW.
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Ernst-Abbe University of Applied Sciences Jena, Department of Social Science and Care Social Work and Nursing Management

The Ernst Abbe University of Applied Sciences (EAH) Jena, located in the state Thuringia, right in the middle of Germany, was founded on October 1991 as one of the first universities of its kind in the former Eastern part of Germany. Following a rather modest start with 300 students and 13 professors, the EAH Jena today employs more than 150 professors teaching about 5.000 students (about 180 from more than 30 countries) today. Students have a choice of more than 30 BA and MA courses of studies, like Business Administration, Biotechnology and Medical Engineering, Business, Environmental, Industrial, Optometry, Electrical and Mechanical, Precision Engineering and, of course,Social Work and Social Science Studies. The School of Social Sciences and Social Work offers both, a BA as well as MA in Social Work for full-time students and a BA- and MA program in Nursing/Health Management for part-time students. The EAH Jena was one of the founding partners of the European Network of University Schools of Social work (see short history of SocNet 98). For further information about our faculty and study program, please visit see:; especially for prospective incoming students see

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University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer, Department of Social Work and Health

The University of Applied Sciences Emden/ Leer aims to set the stage for an international atmosphere and a wealth of cultural activities on campus.

4240 students, undergraduate and graduates, are studying at 4 different faculties:

  • Maritime Studies
  • Business Studies
  • Technology
  • Social Work and Health

The Faculty of Social Work and Health takes on responsibility for sustainable development within our society. We want our students to be able to meet future challenges in accordance with the principles of sustainability. Internationality has become an important topic and its development is regularly improved. The Faculty intents to co-operate with more than 20 ERASMUS+ partners in the fields of Student and staff exchange, research and other fields of mutual interest.

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