The Norwegian society

The Norwegian society

The Norwegian head of state since 1991 has been King Harald V. But he has no political power, so how does the Norwegian society work?

Here you can view Associate professor emeritus, Nils-Petter Karlsson, “The Norwegian Welfare State – More then just oil money”

Answer these questions:

What are the typical characteristics of the Norwegian and the U.S society? Discuss identified characteristics and similarities, as well as differences between these two communities

The U.S. is often described as `The land of Immigrants` while Norway’s experiences with immigrants are of relatively recent date. In your view, how has Norway’s history with immigrants been, and how has it affected Norwegian society?

Looking at the above-referenced pages, there seems to be an emphasis on participation in working life both in Norway and in the U.S.  Why is such participation important in both societies?  

What are among the most important health challenges in the U.S compared to Norway? 

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