Slovak Republic

Slovak Republic

Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra

Faculty of Social Sciences and Health Care

The Faculty of Social Sciences was established in 2001 by the connection of two workplaces that were already existing faculties of the university. The activities of the Faculty of Social Sciences are aimed at the education of social workers, professionals in social services and counselling, psychologists, nurses, and professionals in medical rescue work.

Department of Social Work and Social Sciences
The Department of Social Work and Social Sciences is a part of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Health Care. The Department members participate in unique national and foreign projects, develop international cooperation with significant institutions and universities, and are in the realization teams of the conferences and events whose aim is to promote development of social work as a profession.

What do we offer?

Education in all study programmes of social work is provided in accordance with the recommendations of the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) and the international regulations, including the European Qualification Framework. Our Department has been a regular member of the European Association of Schools of Social Work (EASSW) since 2015. We offer the study of social work with an almost 20-year tradition. Social work can be studied here in three accredited study programmes, full-time and part-time:

  • Bachelors Social Work (Bc.)
  • Masters Applied Social Work (Mgr.)
  • Doctoral Social Work (PhD.)

What is the study like?

The study of Social Work at the Department of Social Work and Social Sciences offers, besides professional subjects and subjects related to various target groups or methods of social work, also training of social and counselling skills which is a great benefit for future social workers, and in the contracted facilities where students acquire practical skills, are in contact with clients, and have a possibility to specialize in selected groups of recipients of social work.

Vocational training

An inseparable part of the study is completion of the long-term training in which, under supervision of experienced professionals, students implement their knowledge in direct work with clients within selected organizations. Students have trainings in social services facilities, in facilities of social and legal protection of children and social guardianship such as childrens homes and crisis centres, in non-state subjects and social departments of local self-governments which provide assistance to a broad spectrum of clients of social work.

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